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Ridiculous cosmetic procedures in Korea (2017/06/16)
The procedures which can't be recommended to their family members ...
New Hotel Recommendation in 2017 (2017/02/24)
Foreheal hotel is my new recommendation.
Correction of eye shape ? (2017/02/07)
Correction of eye shape is recommended indiscriminately...
Chubby Cheeks (2016/05/10)
Buccal fat removal, facial bone reduction, Botox, Facelift...
Postoperative instruction after calf surgery (2016/02/17)
Stretching, compression, and aspiration
Sausage eyelid (2016/02/15)
Common complication after Asian double eyelid surgery
Subbrow lifting (2016/02/04)
Simple, but versatile and effective

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