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Nasal augmentation with implant
dorsum elevation In oriental saddle nose deformity, we elevate the dorsum simply using implant like silicone block, Gore-tex,dermofat graft.

Nasal augmentation with implant combined with ear cartilage graft
nasal dorsum elevation & cartilage graft Nasal augmentation with implant combined with ear cartilage at tip

Open Rhinoplsty(Nasal tipplasty)
nasal tip plasty After nasal tip plasty without grft of implant.
Remodeling of the lower lateral cartilage of the nose alone can alter the shape of the tip greatly.

Wide alar base narrowing(Nostril reduction)
alar resection Nostril reduction and nasal augmentation with implant combined with ear cartilage, before and after

Deviated Nose Correction
deviated nose Deviated nose correction

Short Nose Deformity (Nasal Lenthening)
Short nose deformity To lengthening the short nose deformity, we use open rhinoplasty and ear cartilage graft at tip.

Wide Nasal Bone (Nasal Bone Narrowing)
Nasal bone narrowing Lateral osteotomy for wide dorsum.

Nasal Hump Removal
hump nose Hump resection with osteotome leveling the nose straightly.

Revision Rhinoplasty
revision rhinoplasty Nasal augmentation with implant was done elsewhere years before
Replacement of a new implant covered with a piece of ear cartilage at nasal tip to lengthen the nose

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