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Cost of surgery
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Currency Rate

Approximate Costs for Cosmetic Surgery

Effective until Dec 2014

The cost in my clinic is based on Korean currency.
So, the cost in USD or EURO should be decided according to the currency exchange rate at the day of your payment.

Currency Rate

Oriental double fold operation: 1,320,000 KRW
Medial canthoplasty: 660,000 KRW
Lateral canthoplasty: 880,000 KRW
Double fold and medial canthoplasty package: 1,650,000 ~2,000,000 KRW
Revision double fold operation: 2,420,000 ~ 3,300,000 KRW
Upper blepharoplasty (double fold with skin excision): 1,650,000 KRW
Lower blepharoplasty: 1,6500,000 KRW

Browlift 3,300,000 to 4,400,000 KRW

Simple nasal augmentation with implant: 1,320,000 KRW
Open Rhinoplasty with tip-plasty: 2,750,000 ~ 3,850,000 KRW
Osteotomy for deviated nose and wide nose: 2,750,000~4,400,000 KRW
Nostril reduction: 880,000 KRW
Revision rhinoplasty: 2,750,000~5,500,000 KRW

Facial bone contouring
Mandible angle resection: 5,000,000 KRW
Zygoma reduction: 5,000,000 KRW
Mentoplasty with implant: 2,500,000 KRW
Mentoplasty with bone remodeling: 5,000,000 KRW
Forehead augmentation with silicone implant: 2,500,000 KRW

Leg muscle resection(calf reduction)
Resection of both medial and lateral
Gastrocnemius: 7,000,000~7,500,000 KRW

Lower abdomen: 3,300,000 KRW
Whole abdomen: 6,600,000 KRW
Hip & thigh: 4,400,000~ 6,600,000 KRW
Arm: 3,300,000 KRW

Breast augmentation with cohesive gel implant : 6,600,000 KRW

Botox and fillers
Botox wrinkle treatment: 300,000 KRW per area
Botox angle reduction: 400,000 KRW
Collagen, Hyaluronic acid: 600,000~800,000 per bottle

Fat Graft
Face 550,000 ~ 3,300,000 KRW

Midfacelift 5,500,000 ~ 7,700,000 KRW
Foreheadlift 4,400,000 KRW


  • The purple colored procedures are the most common procedures for foreign patients.
  • All costs are based on Korean Won and the costs in USD can be changed according to currency exchange rate at the day of payment.
    They include all the charges for the operation like the operating room charge, anesthesia, postoperative medication, postoperative followups, etc.
  • The cost of the surgery can be paid by US dollar cash, Japanese Yen, Euro, Korean won, international credit card..
    ( personal check are not available.)
    If you want to use Traveler's check, you should change that in Korean bank with some exchange fee.
    If you pay in cash (USD or KRW), my clinic apply the favorable rate and 4 % discount.
    Credit card company apply the median rate when you pay in credit card and add some exchange fee..
    If you want to pay in international credit card (especially European credit card), confirm your overseas usage limitation because many credit card companies restrict overseas usage for the customer's safety.
    The most favorable payment method for the patient is USD cash, KRW cash, Credit card in successive order.
  • The cost of surgery depends on the problems and complexity of the surgical sculpture.
    Secondary surgery from other doctor's operations can be more difficult and more expensive
    We have posted prices as a guide about average operations.
    Send E-mail for correct cost.
    After better understanding your needs, we can better help you with specific costs. ....ozclinic@korea.com
  • These costs are subject to change without notice.
  • I changed the expression of costs into KRW (Korean Won) because currency exchange ratio is fluctuating a lot recently and there are many patients who do not use USD as their primary currency.

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