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About OZ
Why OZ?

  • Profound Experience, High Satisfaction Rate
    OZ Cosmetic Clinic is located in Seoul, South Korea and was established at 1998.
    Since then, we have performed thousands of successful cosmetic procedures without any serious complications and have experiences in plastic surgery for more than 18 years.
    We are very proud of our patients' high satisfaction rate and their good comments.
  • Spcialization in Asian Cosmetic Surgery and Calf Reduction Surgery
    We are highly specialized in Asian cosmetic surgery and are world's permier in calf reduction surgery.
    Cosmetic facial surgery for Asians is quite different from that for Caucasians and should be performed by doctors who specialize in Asian cosmetic surgery.
    Dr. Park is the most experienced and renowned surgeon for calf reduction (Partial Resection of Gastrocnemius Muscle).
  • Special Programs for International Patients
    Not only many Koreans but also many foreign patients come to OZ for cosmetic surgery because of natural and graceful results reasonable cost and they achieved their dreams for beauty.
    We are always ready to help the foreign patients feel comfortable during their stay in Korea.
  • Small and Private Clinic with Tender and Personalized Care
    OZ Cosmetic Clinic is not large or messy clinic, but is small and private clinic in which you can experience the most tender, sweet and personalized care and your surgical outcomes will be the most natural and graceful.
    I think earnestness and sincerity are the most important thing in cosmetic surgery.

Philosophy of OZ

We believe that the best patient is an educated and reasonable patient.
This means a commitment to answering patients' all questions and ensuring you understand your options.
We want you to make the best possible decision regarding your appearance, health, and quality of life.

We believe cosmetic procedures must be safe, predictable and highly effective to meet our patient's desires.
The outcome has to be natural and graceful.
  • Our goal:
    Surgical Craftsmanship
    Your Special Needs
    Individualized Education
    Tender Care
    Personalized Service
    Become Comfortable

Inside of OZ Cosmetic Clinic

Operating room

Waiting area


OZ Cosmetic Clinic, KangNamKu NonHyunDong 49-17 Medifriend B/D 6F, Seoul, South Korea ( zip: 135-010 )
TEL : 82-2-511-7373 E-mail : ozclinic@korea.com
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