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About OZ
Steps in Reservation :
  1. Research about your surgery in website
    Most patients can acquire enough information about their planned surgery in my website.
    Procedures and Photo Gallery
  2. E-mail Consultation
    Most foreign patients consult with me via E-mails or Consultation board.
    When you have a consultation with me please let me know your personal information and send me your photos if you can.
    Required information : Age, Sex, Height, Weight, Medical and Surgical History, Allergy, Nationality, Race, Job, Exercise, Calf circumference (for calf reduction)
  3. Virtual Surgery
    If you send me your pictures and want virtual surgery (simulation), I'll do virtual surgery for you.
    But please remember that this is not the same as the real result but virtual result.
  4. Deciding Surgery
    After several consultation, you can acquire enough information about surgery and can know the expected cost of surgery.
    Then, you can decide whether you would proceed for surgery in my clinic.
  5. Scheduling for Surgery
    Because I know it is not easy for foreign patients to come to Korea for surgery, I'm arranging their consultation and operation schedule according to their trip schedule.
    Most foreign patients make their reservation at least 1 month prior to their planned visit.
    If you undergo minor surgery like double fold surgery or rhinoplasty under local anesthesia, you can get consultation and operation together right after your arrival.
    But if you undergo major surgery like calf reduction surgery or zygoma reduction under general anesthesia, you should undergo surgery one or two days after your arrival because I need a time for preoperative test.
    If you get preoperative test in your country, you can undergo any surgery right after your arrival.
  6. Reservation for Hotel
    I mostly recommend the foreign patients staying in Human Starville Yeoksam or YongDong Hotel because they are close, cheap and convenient.
    You can make a reservation for the hotels by calling or internet.
    Hotel Information
  7. Research about Transportation and Location of The Clinic and Hotel
    You can see more information about transportation in Seoul and location of my clinic in my website.
    Transportation and Location
    If you want to ride a taxi, please print out the Korean and English map of my clinic.
  8. Final Questions
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at any time you want.
    I'm always ready to help you for not only surgery but also minor stuffs for the trip; planning your trip, making a reservation for lodging, currency exchange, transportation in Korea and even simple tour after surgery.

    I wish you could enjoy this cosmetic surgery trip to Korea and make your dream come true.
Business Hours :
  • Monday to Friday
    10:00 AM ~ 7:00 PM
  • Saturday
    10:00 AM ~ 3:00 PM
  • Sunday and National Holidays

Preoperative instructions

  • If your surgery is planned under local anesthesia or IV sedation, you can be discharged immediately after surgery.
    If your surgery is planned under general anesthesia, you can be discharged 4 to 6 hours after surgery.
    In some cases, you can be hospitalized for 1 day.
  • DISCONTINUE alcohol, recreational drugs, and smoking several weeks prior to surgery. If your lungs are congested or have wheezing, the surgery cannot be done as the risk of pneumonia and poor healing is too great!
  • DO NOT take aspirin, ibuprofen, large doses of Vitamin E, or algae-containing food supplements for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. They may act as a blood thinner and promote excessive bruising. You may use Tylenol or similar medications.
  • DO NOT eat or drink anything after midnight on the day before surgery, if your surgery is planned under general anesthesia..
  • DO NOT bring rings, watches, other jewelry or large sums of money to the surgery center or hospital; leave these items safely at home.
  • Laboratory tests or "blood work" may be required several days prior to surgery if your surgery is planned under general anesthesia or you have some diagnosed illness..
  • Prior to surgery, should you develop any fever, chills or other signs of a cold or other infection, call the office immediately.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing to the surgery center. The shirt should button or zip down the front.
    Bring shoes with 1-2"heels with flat bottom if you plan calf reduction.
  • If you live in USA, Canada, Australia and Europe, prepare Arnica product to minimize postoperative swelling and bruise.
    (Sinnech from alpha pharmaceuticals in America, Arnica from Nelsons in England )
Postoperative instructions
  • Discharge: You will be discharged approximately 1 hour after surgery if your surgery was done under local anesthesia.
    You will be discharged about 6 hours after surgery or the day after surgery if your surgery was done under general anesthesia.
  • Prescription: Begin taking the medicine as soon as you return home or as your surgeon instructs. The medicine will last about 3-7 days and will generally not be refilled.
  • Bandages: You will have compression bandages or stockings on after the surgery. Do not remove them. They will be changed during your first office visit.
  • Office Visits: Your first post-operative office visit will be 2-3 days after your surgery. Your next visits are usually scheduled every 3-4 days for 2 weeks, weekly intervals for 2-3 weeks, then monthly for 2 months.
  • Showering: You may shower 3-4 days after the surgery. DO NOT get the bandages wet.
  • Activity Level: You can resume your daily activity within a week after face surgery.
    Calf Reduction : Bed rest for 24 hours with the legs elevated. After that you may move about but no strenuous activity. You will be more comfortable in shoes with 1-2" heels. Do the stretching exercise in every 30 minutes.
  • Sun Exposure: DO NOT expose the wound to the sun (or tanning bed) for at least 2-3 weeks after the surgery as severe burns can occur from minimal exposure. Scars must be covered when exposed to sun or tanning bed (so as not to hyper-pigment) until all redness is gone, about 3-6 months. You may use tanning creams.

Comparison checklist :
Surgeons Hyun Cheol Park MD, Yoon Jae Kang MD
Board-Certified Korean Board of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Additional Fellowship Training Yes - Cosmetic Plastic Surgery at Catholic Univ.
Nursing Staffs Yes - 6 Board Certified Nursing Staffs
Hospital-grade operating room
Yes - 4 Operating Rooms
Who administers the anesthesia? Board-Certified MD Anesthesiologist
Operating room monitoring: EKG
Pulse Oxymeter
Blood pressure
Anesthesia agent
Hospital-grade recovery room?
Yes - 3 Recovery Rooms
Overnight hospital room available? Yes, standard or larger procedures

OZ Cosmetic Clinic, KangNamKu NonHyunDong 49-17 Medifriend B/D 6F, Seoul, South Korea ( zip: 135-010 )
TEL : 82-2-511-7373 E-mail : ozclinic@korea.com
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